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The album Stay With Me For Thirty Minutes for piano and cello was written at Spinroads Studios, (Sweden) in 2022, at a very difficult time for the whole world, when everyone experienced deep
anxiety and personal tragedies.



Val Giamo created it to support everyone who is having a hard time coping with personal crises.

She offers to stay with this music for only 30 minutes in order to at least briefly feel the state of psychological balance.

The album Make It Darker by Val Giamo's band Guest Mode was recorded with the participation of multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Stefana (PJ Harvey, Mike Patton, Gary Lucas) along with a Brit -award winning producer Pedro Ferreira.

This album is like a deep conversation with yourself, about searching for long forgotten desires and feelings. Music reflects a certain path to the self that you once knew, but lost for a while. And it is never too late to meet yourself again.

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